Did you get suspended from selling on Amazon?

Do you feel like pulling your hair out from going back and forth with seller performance to no avail? Frustrated because you have to put your business in halt?? Not any longer! Say good bye to your stress and hair-pulling day because getting back on selling is easier than you thought.

Interested? Keep on reading......

No Judgment

It doesn't matter what you allegedly did or did not do to receive that dreadful suspension notification, I understand that people make mistakes, and sometimes we just need a second chance and start over. Unfortunately, Amazon is not that understanding and forgiving. You've crafted the perfect POA (some people even hired an attorney to do so), escalated your appeal to J.Bezos, going back and forth for months, but your account has yet to be reinstated (or will it ever going to be at this point?). I have been in your shoes before, so trust me, I understand your frustration. In fact, it was only after getting suspended (no, I didn't get the account back if you're curious) that I came to realization that this can happen to anyone, no matter how big of a seller you are (I was grossing over $90k per month at that time) or how long you've been selling. Long story short, I refused to give up and finally came up with a way to safely, securely and legally create a new amazon seller account and get back to selling. Since then, I vowed to myself that I will never make the same mistake twice. Keep on reading if you'd like to learn how to: 

→ Safely and securely create a new Amazon seller account. 100% legal.

→ Run AND Maintain multiple accounts at once, start doubling your income!

→ How to fly under the radar and prevent another suspension.

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Isn't it 1 account per household per lifetime?

Yes, so I've been told many times. But did you know that Amazon only bans the account owner, which is your business, not you personally? And they also do not ban names, since many people have the same name. How we go around this rule is by creating a new Amazon account under a legal business entity. Should you get suspended again (for whatever reason, but I promise you it won't be because of linked multiple accounts), all you have to do is rinse and repeat. 

Legit sellers only! No scammers

Whoa! What do I mean by that? Yes, you heard right. I'm not teaching you any shady business. No stealing someone's identity and credit card, no buying a stealth account. If you're thinking of only making quick bucks and scam buyers, then this is not for you. This is for real sellers with real business, whom most have family and employees depending on them, whom just taken out a loan to expand their Amazon business right before getting suspended, whom are stuck with thousands of dollars worth of inventory, whom were suspended because of a false IP infringement or a naughty competitor filing a safety or inauthentic complaint. This is for you!

Beware: Lots of other guides out there containing false information

Amazon often changes and updates their system. The method I'm teaching you is guaranteed to work because it is the most UPDATED and most RELEVANT, unlike many other guides out there spreading outdated information like cancer that will guarantee you another suspension if you follow it, or worse, your account will not be alive long enough to see the seller central dashboard. I've spent countless hours of research and thousands of dollars to come up with this anti-fail formula. And now I'm on the mission to help fellow Amazon sellers like me. 

Build a business that can withstand any brick Amazon throws at you!

✔︎ Spread your inventory across multiple accounts and start making double your income!

✔︎ Spare yourself from the hassle and headache of expanding to international Amazon marketplace. (Did you know if 1 account gets suspended, the other will automatically too??) Never put all your eggs in one basket, be wise!

✔︎ Should 1 account gets suspended, move your inventory to another account quickly, with minimal downtime . Life keeps going, and your business should too! 

YOU DECIDE........

You are at the end of the road. You have 2 options:

You can complain, do nothing and admit defeat OR You can TAKE ACTION NOW and start fresh! Which one are you? STOP wasting time and money on other unproven methods. The longer you wait the more money you lose on profit. Bite the bullet and buy this book. It'll be the best decision you make. BREAK-FREE and start selling again!